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the elephant is already in the room

MoiaGroup helps you find the elephant in the room. We believe in obvious and pragmatic solutions, the ones that are usually right there in front of us the whole time. Once we’re done you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it before. Through brainstorming, design, concept, and technical implementation we can help create ideal, simple, and direct solutions for your needs without the superfluous frills and jargon (i.e., “web 2.0″) of some other agencies. We’re a small group of experienced, independent-thinking, high-caliber creative professionals with a sense of humor and good discipline.

moiagroup news

November 10, 2013

Listing Event Categories for Tri.be Events Plugin with ONLY Future Events

We love Tri.be’s Event Calendar plugin, and use it for clients all the time. Often we’ll include a list of event categories in the sidebar on the calendar page to help users filter events — i.e. they can click the category “Lectures” in the sidebar and see only upcoming events in the “lectures” category. Unfortunately, […]

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April 8, 2012

Gravity Forms + NGP API for Payment Processing

I recently had a client switch over to NGP from straight PayPal and they wanted to retain the ability to easily process transactions through forms done with Gravity Forms, but NGP’s famously vague documentation made it a bit more of a challenge. Here’s how you can do it. First, create your form in Gravity Forms. […]

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November 29, 2011

Sorting in TinyMCE ImageManager

A client was already using TinyMCE throughout his custom application and asked if it would be possible to allow him to arbitrarily insert images throughout his site in any rich text box. The last thing I wanted to do was write my own media handler, so using the TinyMCE ImageManager component seemed perfect — you […]

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case study

Lustron Preservation Website


MoiaGroup worked with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to create a social networking site dedicated to the preservation of historic Lustron homes.

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